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Headshot Special

 Limited time, April 2022 Only

Studio headshots, by Studio Seven, $250

  • One hour studio session

  • We produce slideshow for your image selection.

  • Five image choices processed for prints or social media.

  • Images sent to you for your portfolio

Introducing New Services 2.0: 

Compilation photography offers solutions in advertising and web content that were either impossible before digital photography or time consuming and very expensive. Integrating the use of multiple still photographs and the compilation of these multiple images into a sequence based on animation technology, we can create fully interactive web or kiosk content that is quick to view and fully interactive.

Compiling imagery with the use of advanced software and camera techniques, multiple images can be used in sequences showing 360° views of an interior space, or an exterior view of a product or environment. Of course, video capture may be used, but video is not interactive. 360° Panoramic Tours and 360° Product Spins feature an unparalleled level of presentation for web or kiosk delivery. 


New Services

Composite Images:

  • Multiple images.
  • Easily place subject into different environments.
  • Uses may be for fashion, as well as small products such as jewelry, sculptures, pottery.

360° Panoramic Tours:

  • 360° Panoramic Tours feature web delivered content that is fully interactive.
  • Panoramic tours used for facility mapping and/or directional guidance such as a museum tour or a hotel facility guide . 
  • Fully integrate video and sound into tours.

360° Product Spins:

  • Web delivery of interactive product presentations.
  • Can be used for interactive display of products or buildings.
  • Uses may be small products such as jewelry, sculptures, pottery.

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